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Football Gear for Kids

Football gear for kids is not just about style; it's an essential part of any little footballer's equipment, ensuring comfort, protection, and plenty of room for movement and play throughout training and matches. At hummel, we understand the importance of quality and functionality in the football gear for the youngest players. That's why we offer a wide selection of football jerseys, football pants, football boots, and all the necessary gear your child needs, whether for training or a match, indoors or outdoors. On this page, you'll find everything your child needs for football. Our range covers everything from basic equipment to specialized gear, ensuring that your child is well-equipped for both training and match days. We also offer a broad selection of accessories and footballs for a complete football experience.

By choosing football gear from hummel, you ensure that your child gets high-quality clothing designed with a focus on both functionality and style. We are dedicated to offering the best equipment that not only looks good but also helps improve performance and safety in the game. Explore our extensive collection and find the perfect football gear for your child today.


Football Jerseys for Kids

Our range of football jerseys for kids includes everything from T-shirts to half zips and hoodies, designed in both polyester and cotton to ensure comfort and durability. The quality of the clothing is essential to ensure that your child can perform their best, regardless of the weather. Our football jerseys come in a variety of designs and colors; your child can dress sensibly and warmly for outdoor training in cooler months and have plenty of breathability for warm indoor training sessions. Additionally, your child can also choose football jerseys in the color that suits their favorite football team the best.

But football jerseys are not just for training and fun. Football jerseys can also be a statement and a symbol – and not least a clear signal of which team one supports. If your child is looking for an actual club jersey to show their support for their favorite team, read more in the section about club jerseys below. Or see our selection of club jerseys for kids right here.


Football Pants for Kids

For real speed on the green, a sensible choice for the bottom half is naturally also required. hummel offers a wide range of football pants and football shorts designed to match the comfort and durability of our jerseys. From light and breathable shorts to longer pants for colder days, our football pants for kids are created to keep up with your child's active life.


Football Boots for Kids

To complete the football set, the right gear for those fast football feet is, of course, necessary. Therefore, a good football player always starts with the right boots. Our football boots for kids are designed with a focus on fit, comfort, and performance, so your child can feel confident on the pitch. We understand that the right footwear is crucial to avoid injuries and improve the game, which is why we offer boots that suit every foot type and playing style. It's also important to choose a boot that suits the playing surface. To learn more about this, we recommend that you take a look at our guide to football boots.


Club Jerseys for Kids

For the family's smallest fans, we offer a wide range of club jerseys so your child can show their support for their favorite club. Our selection includes jerseys from both local and international clubs, so no matter who your child is rooting for, they can wear their colors with pride. Is it perhaps De Hviie from AGF that's a hit? Maybe the boys from Brøndby and Vestegnen? It could also be the striped OB's that are the coolest? Maybe it's bigger international clubs like Everton and Köln that get the family's little supporters out of their chairs? No matter what, your child can support their favorite club with pride. See all our club jerseys for kids right here.